Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Would Islanders Actually Claim Sean Avery?

There only a few more hours until the New York Rangers find out whether or not Sean Avery has been claimed by another team on re-entry waivers.  While it has been generally assumed that Avery would go unclaimed, Larry Brooks at the New York Post reports that Islanders' general manager Garth Snow has been quiet concerning his intentions in regards to Avery and whether he will place a claim. 

This is mainly speculation that was fueled to some extent by the Islanders putting  Trevor Gillies on waivers yesterday and the fact the Islanders could just look to stick it to the Rangers on the ice and in wasting salary cap space, but I don't see Snow actually pulling the trigger on the move.  The move would sell some tickets to Islanders games, but it would be seen as petty to hurt the Rangers instead of genuinely trying to help his own club.