Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Purpose of This Blog

Blogging is something that exploded over the last number of years and I have no illusions that this will be one of many that deal with many of the topics I seek to talk about, though it might be the only one that seeks to talk about all of it in one place.  I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog a few different times, but mostly on any one of these topics and ultimately resisted because I didn’t want to constrain by thoughts or focus to any single topic.  There will be things here that fit some people’s likes and some that don’t which in all honesty is just how the world works, so I view that as a positive and not something to attempt to avoid.  This blog will be an attempt to follow the teams and issues that I care about without any need for sugarcoating or spin because I have no bridges to burn at this point, just an honest analysis of the way I see the things I choose to follow.

Hopefully you will find something you like here and contribute your thoughts. I do not seek to censor any opinions, all I ask is that comments do not become of a personal nature.