Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking At The Prospects After Month One

Now that we have just crossed the month mark at least in the CHL leagues figured we could take a look at a variety of Ranger prospects in terms of their production to this point in the season.  Disclaimers up front include that points do not reveal all there is about level of play a prospect or any hockey player for that matter is playing at.  Also, the variance in the leagues in terms of quality of competition can alter what statistically would qualify as quality production. 

With those out of the way I am going to break down the prospect into a few categories as there are prospects who are just on fire to start the year, those who are simmer with solid play and production, some who are smoldering and others that are building the fire as they adjust to new leagues.  For the purposes of this I will leave Stepan’s start out because of being in the NHL.

New York Rangers Week Ahead: Any Danger Ahead?

The New York Rangers have three games on their schedule this week: Wednesday vs Atl; Friday vs Carolina and Saturday at Toronto.  Coming off a week in which they went 3-1 and have won 3 in a row the team and fans are brimming with confidence.  The question becomes how real the threat each of these opponents bring to the Rangers is.  The answer for me is very real and the Ranger players better not become satisfied or complacent based on their recent success.

Rangers Practice News 10/26/2010. Lines + Injury Updates (Gaborik, Sauer)

Not a whole lot of news out of Rangers practice itself today as the lines went back to how they were before the Williams call-up. There was some on the injury front regarding Marian Gaborik.  First the lines:


Injury update:
Marian Gaborik was said to be riding the bike without a sling today which is a good sign that the shoulder is feeling a little better and progressing towards a return.  That he is not skating yet means we are still probably at least a week or two away from a return.  With the way the team is playing right now there is no reason to rush him back too soon, so let him heal fully and go from there.

Update: Steve Zipay says that Gaborik intends to try and skate early next week which would be about on my timeline if not a little delayed:
stevezipay Gaborik has no timetable bu hopes to try first skate early next week
According to Jesse Spector Mike Sauer skated fully in practice:
NYDNRangers  Practiced fully, looked fine. I didn't talk to him, though. RT @mleetch352: any news on sauer and his soreness for tomorrow's game?

Hopefully he will be available for tomorrow’s game against Atlanta as I and many other Ranger fan feel more comfortable on defense when he is out there than either Eminger or Gilroy.

Brandon Prust still wearing the visor after the facial injury from the stick of Bruin Gregory Campbell.  Apparently Campbell called Prust to apologize for the incident.  Wonder if Dubinsky is calling Boychuk to apologize for the slash that broke his forearm.