Monday, October 25, 2010

Prospect of the Weekend 10/22-10-24

I decided when I started this that I wouldn’t write too much on the prospects because I feel there are those out there more qualified to do so, but I would find ways to chime my opinions in through various forms and so now I have decided while I wont do daily prospect recaps I am going to do a weekly prospect of the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

Keep reading to find out who this weekend’s winner was.

Spezza Speculation And Ridiculous Trade Suggestions

The other issue that is making me laugh, cry and scream all at the same time right now in regards to the fans are the ridiculous trade proposals that make wouldn’t even get through in a video game let alone the NHL.  Putting aside that we don’t even need Jason Spezza right now, the idea that Ottawa would trade their 27 year old star for some of the combinations I have seen is beyond absurd.  Just about every proposal I have seen involves a mish mash of all the guys Ranger fans want gone or not to play already.  

Rangers Week In Review 10/18-10/24 : An Ominous Start, But a Promising End

Each week depending on how the schedule looks in terms of Sunday and Monday games I will take a look at the week in review as well as the week ahead.  I am going to look at them as two separate topics because while how the team played the previous week may inform how they will play the upcoming slate of games it does not tell much about the opponents we will be facing.

Record starting week 1-1-1
Record ending week 4-2-1

This past week the Blueshirts went 3-1 and turned what seemed to be a down and somber fan base based on the start of the season and the just collected injury news on Gaborik, Drury and Prospal at its start and ended the week with hope of very good things. 

Jeremy Williams Sent Back to Hartford

After a one day/one game callup Jeremy Williams was sent back to the AHL to rejoin his teammates.  Cannot say this is a surprise and Williams did not do much last night, though in his defense he was given almost zero chance to do so playing on the 4th line Boogaard and Boyle and only playing 3:43 in the game.  He will go back to the Pack/Whale and be a key contributor for them again with the hopes of getting another shot at being this years de-facto P.A. Parenteau.

This likely means a return to the lineup for Todd White after his most recent 1 game absence

Memo To Ranger Fans: Judge The Play Not The Name and Number

As a Ranger fan myself I take great pride in the passion and pride Ranger fans take in supporting their team even in years where it seems they care more than the guys getting paid to put on the jersey’s and lace up the skates.  That said there are few things going on with Ranger fans of late that are really irking me and so since I have a blog I guess I should use it to voice those opinions.  I was going to do a couple of them today, but instead I am going to stick with one here and maybe do the other later.  The topic now is about carrying over past opinions and blindly applying them to players today/ just seeing what you want to see out there.