Saturday, May 14, 2011

Video: Derek Boogaard Tribute

This is an excellent Boogaard Tribute Video that was sent to me by @TheRealJetson this afternoon and I figured it would be appropriate to send it out at 9:40.

The Hockey World Remembers Boogaard As The Gentle Giant

Rather than list out all the quotes that have been sent around today concerning the loss of Derek Boogaard at age 28, I will focus on one from his roommate on the road and from a beat writer who likely knew him as well as anyone in the game. 

This quote from Brandon Prust comes via Blueshirts United as he was traveling back to London Ontario today.
I am still in shock. It keeps hitting me off and on all day as I'm driving home. Though he was a fighter on the ice, he was definitely a gentle giant off the ice. He was just a real good guy, a team guy all the way. I've been looking at some of the silly pictures I have from when we were roommates and it just hits me what a good guy he was. I still can't believe I am referring to him in the past tense. 
That is the kind of remembrance being seen from so many around the hockey world today when it comes to stories of Derek Boogaard and how he touched so many during his time in the league. 

Of all the heartfelt comments from Rangers players and other NHL people around the league the most poignant of all the remembrances today comes from Minnesota Star Tribune's Michael Russo.  Russo is the beat writer for the Star Tribune and covered Boogaard during his career there.  The whole thing is both tough to read because of the pure emotion in it, but well worth the time to see another side of the "Boogey Man".  Here is one sample:
Like most enforcers, he wasn't some street thug. He was a good guy who realized what he had to do to play professionally in the NHL. And he loved that the fans took to him. He loved the prestige that came with being the BoogeyMan. It's why he pronounced his name Booooogaard when his last name is really pronounced B-OH-GUARD.
He loved kids, he loved doing charity work, from Defending the Blue Line, to the Police Athletic League, to Second Harvest.
That is what a gentle giant does and while he will be remembered on the ice for his size and fists, what will last so much longer is all he did off it.  Rest in peace Derek Boogaard.