My name is Michael Gleich, though some of you may know me from SBNation as mleetch352.  In this blog I will cover the New York Rangers.  I followed the Rangers for the last 18 years since the days of Brian Leetch, and at the time Mike Gartner.  The choosing of the Rangers was in part based on my location, but also on those being my favorite players.  Over these years I have been witness to some of the best moments in Rangers history as well as many struggling seasons, but there is hope of new things on the horizon.  In this blog obviously there will be fan perspective, but I will try my best to be as objective and honest in my assessment of all players and events regardless of my personal feelings for said players.  The thing that I respect most in the sports coverage I have seen is a person who can praise when it is deserved, criticize when it is warranted and hold each individual to the same accountability.  I expect the people who read this blog to do the same of me as the man responsible for its content.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by, read, hopefully leave your own thoughts, and I hope to "see" you again.

Unlike one Lebron James my efforts control the world do not send me to south beach nor do they force me to leave my current home, but I will also be "taking my talents" to Blue Seat Blogs to pitch in over at that fine establishment with game wrap-ups.  They will be the same as the ones here, but make sure you go check out all the other fine work Dave, Chris and Jeremy do.
Michael Gleich

Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at mwalvlior@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter at  http://twitter.com/mleetch352.

Other work of mine can be found at SBNation on the BlueShirt Banter and Welcome to Loud City sites.

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