Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prust Playing Through Pain, Should He Sit To Get Healthy?

Brandon Prust has not been playing well recently to the point that he found himself on the fourth line Friday against Carolina.  The Rangers forward had a breakout season last year using his toughness and forechecking ability to become a critical part of the surprising success the team had.  It has been clear that he has been playing through pain recently with the number of days he has missed practice, but coach John Tortorella comfirmed that to Blueshirts United.
"This spread schedule hopefully is going to help him. We're trying to get him healthy, and Prust is a big part of our team, and he has struggled. I believe he has struggled, on the ice, because he's banged up. We just need to get him healthy."
The Rangers schedule helps Prust the next couple weeks with only two games in until the 23rd, so that will reduce the pounding on his body, but maybe the best way to use this lull in the schedule is actually to sit Prust in those two games and have him come back having had two weeks off to rest and recover.  It is unlikely Prust would actually sit considering what he played through last season, but it might be what is best for him.