Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rangers vs Oilers Pregame: Early Start Seeks Similar Finish

Rangers (8-7-1) vs Edmonton (4-8-3)
Key Opposing Player: Ales Hemsky (4-7-11)
Frolov- Christensen -Gaborik
Avery- Stepan -White

Staal - Girardi
Del Zotto - Eminger


Biron to start vs Edmonton; Boogaard scratched

Martin Biron will get the start versus Edmonton tomorrow while Lundqvist misses his second straight. Biron has been very solid in his play so far this season and will need to give them another good outing against the struggling but talented Oilers squad.

On Boogaard it is interesting to see him scratched again considering White was useless in the last game, but Edmonton is not known for it tough guys so Derek is not really necessary and maybe Torts wants to keep Boogaard's scoring streak in tact.

What Is The Role of A Defenseman

Maybe I am being too simplistic in my thinking, maybe it is too “old school” for the way the NHL is played these days but when someone asks me about a defender the first thing I want to see is them DEFEND.  Each year I see all this talk about how this guy needs to add offense to his game and all I can think is, the man is paid his salary to STOP the other team from scoring FIRST.  

New York Rangers Are Slowly But Surely Becoming A Team

The last couple years one of the things that has frustrated me the most with the Rangers as much as the results has been the lacking sense of team from the guys who wear the sweater.  I don’t want this to be one of those does winning create chemistry or does chemistry create winning type pieces and frankly I don’t even care if the guys in the locker room like each other, but there must be a sense of respect for one another.  This team the past few years has had the feel of a bunch of individuals with no common purpose and it has shown itself in individuals trying to get their numbers, sulking when they fail even when the team wins and not really having anger at losing.  Also beyond that there has been a complete and utter lack of sticking up for one another.

Rangers Heritage Jersey's

Yes, I am late on the Heritage jersey's and dont have a whole lot to add to what others have written as I like the jersey's think they do a great job of speaking to the tradition of the team, especially with the retired numbers sewn in and "Established 1926" being inside collar.  I said the other night in the game thread that the jerseys remind me very much of a jersey that Team USA would wear and that to me means a lot as a Rangers fan.  The jersey is classy and classic which defines what the Rangers stand for as an original six team in this city.

Pics of the jerseys

Photographer Andrew Eccles