Sunday, November 21, 2010

Daily Recap: Rangers Quarter Pole Awards; Say No To Brad Richards; Prospect Updates

Today marked the first day after the first quarter of the season was over and there have certainly been highs in the first quarter of the year but overall the rollercoaster that has defined the last few Rangers seasons is still intact.  The overall effort has more consistent and the fight when they fall behind has been better this season, but the results have still been spotty and they still do not know how to build on momentum and maintain success.  The bright spots have certainly been the play of Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, Brian Boyle and Artem Anisimov as all have made big strides from last season.  There have been disappointments as well, but let us not dwell on them here.  What has been most evident with this team is that their success is rooted primarily in playing tough basic hockey by getting the puck in, pressuring the opposition and cycling the puck in the opposition zone.  When they fail to do that they generate little in terms of chances and it transfers to the defensive side.

Why the Rangers Must Resist Brad Richards Temptation

Today on Rangers Tribune Nick took a look at Bruce Garroich reviving the New York Rangers interested in Brad Richards rumor and threw in Mike Ribeiro just for good measure.  Nick did an excellent job of laying out the “rumor” that Garroich is trying to spark into something along with the financial scenarios for both Richards and Ribeiro and finally how enticing it is to think of Brad Richards teaming with Marian Gaborik.  I am going to take a little different approach in looking at the cost both financial and in terms of prospects to see if in the end it is worth it for the Rangers to truly consider it, but be sure to check out Nick’s write up.

As far as my take on the “rumor” itself Garroich has been saying for 2 years that the Rangers are trading Dubinsky for everyone including probably an actual dealer to buy doobies from, or at least that is how it seems.  Also the cloak and dagger of the whole exercise is very comical with the whispering and not even an unnamed source to throw out some names going back.  In reality it is a way to bump readership and not be on the hook if the trade never happens or to claim it “fell through.”  

Video: Frolov Finally Scores On 1000th Wrap-Around Try Of Season

No the video is not a compilation of all the failed attempts as that would take forever to do and be utterly depressing, but let us look at the one that did work and know because it did MANY more tries are on the menu.

New York Rangers Awards For First Quarter of Season

With last night’s game being in the books the Rangers have now completed just over one-quarter of the season and with that we are going to take a look at the way we see the Rangers team awards to this point in the year.  The team sits at 11-9-1 and it will be because of the play of many of those listed here that they have gotten to that point both good and bad.  This might be a little different than how some of you normally think of who should win, and we will have most of the standard awards with some new categories.

Daily Recap: Rangers Roll; Del Zotto's Next Move; Heritage Jersey Schedule; Prospects

Rangers fans started the day feeling the effects of the hangover caused by the awful performance against the Avalanche last night.  In that spirit I opened the day responding to thoughts that happened during the game about what is the next course of action for Michael Del Zotto whether it be a benching, reducing his role, sending him to the minors or trade.  Personally to me the last two are on the loony side but they have been suggested so I had to at least address them.  For me the best course of action is to reduce his role at even strength work on his fundamentals, build confidence and then move him back up later in the year just as they have done with Stepan of late.