Monday, August 15, 2011

Scouting Reports On Rangers Traverse City Invitees

Yesterday there was the news, at least unofficially, of who was going to be on the New York Rangers Traverse City Roster next month.  Jess Rubenstein over at The Prospect Park gives more on the three players that are not “property” of the Rangers organization.
Taylor Jordan-- Portland Winterhawks

Jordan is a 6'6 203 left wing who was the heart and soul of the Portland Winterhawks. He is not going to score 30 goals but what he will bring is a Brandon Prust work ethic and a "cop on the beat" mindset to anyone thinking about running one of his teammates.

The Prust comparisons will become more and more popular given the way he performed in New York and the way the fans have taken to him.  Having more players that give that kind of effort, defend their teammates and are solid defensively is always a positive thing for an organization.
Collin Bowman-- Moose Jaw Warriors
Bowman is a physical defender who has decent size at 6'2, is not afraid to drop the gloves and has been a solid leader (assistant captain)for Moose Jaw on and off the ice. We first saw Bowman with the Kelowna Rockets in 2008-2009 where he was part of the WHL Champions.

We want to see Bowman use his shot from the point more and he does need to improve on how fast he makes decisions on the ice. Skating is not bad and his hockey IQ is pretty good.

Bowman is an interesting prospect given that he is physical and will fight, but also showed signs of offense last year with a very solid 11-37-48 in 72 games for the Warriors.  Working against him is obviously the depth of the prospect ranks on defense, but the best teams find a way to make room for players that fit what they want and have skill.  A solid showing in Traverse could at least get Bowman an invite to full training camp.
Jordan Hickmott -- Edmonton Oil Kings

Got to admit this invite is puzzling as yes Hickmott is a good character person and a 2 time 20 goal scorer in the WHL and that is about it. Why Hickmott is on the Traverse City roster and Max Campbell (who has a AHL contract) is not makes us wonder if this is a mistake here.
Hickmott was with the Rangers for development camp in June so this could be one of those assumed adds to the roster, but as Jess point out Hickmott is going to the University of Alberta for the 2011-2012 season.  Replacing Hickmott with Max Campbell would be an excellent idea if a change is to be made as Campbell had an excellent senior season and his work ethic should be rewarded with this chance.

Be sure to check out the full post from Jess on these three as well as read him each day for the latest on Rangers prospect over at The Prospect Park.