Thursday, October 14, 2010

NY Rangers Make Defensive Change: Gilroy In, Wrong Guy Out

After watching the first two games of the season every Ranger fan knew that a defensive change was necessary and I would bet that 98% of them agreed on what it should be.  Unfortunately for all of us we do not have any control over what actually goes on in the lineup.  Matt Gilroy is going to get his shot as many of us want him to, but the problem is the man getting shown the press box is not Steve Eminger, but rather Michael Sauer as was reported by all the Ranger beat writers, first being Andrew Gross according to my feed.

How in watching those two games Tortorella and his coaching staff could possibly think that Steve Eminger outplayed Michael Sauer.  A traffic cone could have played better than Eminger and Sauer was very solid for my money in his play the first two games, taking the body, making the simple play.  The argument for Eminger playing in the 1st game was that he was the best of the 3 on the left side while it was down to Gilroy and Sauer for the RD spot on the 3rd pair.  If that "excuse" was actually fact, then someone is going to have to explain to me why they are reporting

Matt Gilroy in, Mike Sauer out for #NYRangers tomorrow vs. #Leafs. Gilroy will play left side and Eminger will move back to the right.

I dont know if Eminger has some sort of dirt on Tortorella and Sather or something, but the fact that can't bring themselves to put him on the bench is beyond me and not helping this club.  I understand the idea of wanting some experience on the blueline because as a group there is not much, but having experience does not automatically make you qualified for the position.

Have at it.