Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bruins' Lucic Runs Sabres' Miller Leading To Miller Calling Lucic "Gutless" (w/video)

Milan Lucic plays a physical brand of hockey and has the size that makes all hits with him painful for the opposition.  Now imagine him with a full head of steam rolling over a goaltender and you have what happen to Sabres' goaltender Ryan Miller late in the first period Saturday night.  Lucic blew what should have been an easy breakaway chance by fumbling the puck too far ahead and instead of dealing with the fact he screwed up, he decided he was going to freight train through Miller.

No Sabres responded on the ice, but Miller had plenty to say after the game.  John Vogl of the Buffalo News tweeted out the following from Miller:
"I just stuck around because I wanted to say what a piece of [feces] I think Lucic is. Fifty pounds on me, and he runs me like that? It's unbelievable. Everyone in this city see him as a big, tough, solid player. I respected him for how hard he plays. That was gutless. Gutless. Piece of [feces]."
Miller went after his own team for their lack of response as well and he is absolutely right they should have gone after Lucic to send a message that it was unacceptable.  Lucic while denying it was intentional after the game said that if it had happened to a Bruins goaltender they would have responded while Buffalo didn't.