Saturday, July 2, 2011

Breakdown of Brad Richards Contract With Rangers

Gord Miller of TSN is reporting the year-by-year details of Brad Richards contract with the New York Rangers.

2011-12 season: $12 million ($10 million signing bonus, $2 million salary)
2012-13 season: $12 million ($8 million signing bonus, $4 million salary)
2013-14 salary: $9 million
2014-15 salary: $8.5 million
2015-16 salary: $8.5 million
2016-17 salary: $7 million
2017-18 salary: $1 million
2018-19 salary: $1 million
2019-20 salary: $1 million

Larry Brooks of the New York Post also passes along that the Richards will get a full no-movement clause for the entire length of the contract.  The full no-movement can be very restrictive for the club down the line as it was with Drury, but the fact that it was given is not unexpected given Richards desire to end his career wherever he signed this summer. 

Given the full no-movement clause the Rangers are likely hoping that the deal is as the numbers suggest essentially a 6-year, $57 million deal unless Richards really wants to play for $1 million those last three seasons.  If his skills do erode severely heading into the last three years and he doesnt want to retire there could be a Drury like buyout coming down the road, but for now the Rangers should be very happy that they got the deal they did.