Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gaborik Out With Concussion; Has He Been Playing With It?

Marian Gaborik was held out of action today following the first period and after the game it was announced that the New York Rangers winger has a concussion.  Gaborik apparently went to John Tortorella after the first period and told him that he was not feeling well and he was subsequently held out of the rest of the game.

There has been no announcement as to the severity of the concussion and with these types of injuries a timetable for a return is always uncertain.  What actually disturbs me more than the injury news itself is some of the comments made by coach John Tortorella following the game about the injury.  Per Steve Zipay, when asked about Gaborik Tortorella said that “He's been off,” and that he was not sure when the concussion happened, but probably not in this game. 

While the fact that this might have been a longer term thing might ease some fans minds about his play for me it is very alarming.  I say that because it opens the door to the possibility that Gaborik has been playing through these symptoms.  I certainly hope that is not the case because there is no excuse for the team to be playing a player with symptoms or the player to hide symptoms to stay on the ice.  Concussions are difficult to diagnose and the symptoms can be tricky, but with the growing concern over these issues all precautions from all sides should be taken.

Update: Per Andrew Gross, it appears there have been conversations, but no concrete indications of issues with Gaborik concerning a possible concussion.
“Gaborik was playing along,” Tortorella said, adding Gaborik came out of today’s day after complaining of being off, which, Tortorella said, was the first time Gaborik had given the Rangers any concrete indication. “I know he’s had some conversations off the ice, he just wasn’t dead on. But that’s something we’re going to have to talk to him and Rammer (trainer Jim Ramsey) about.”