Friday, July 1, 2011

Rumor: Flames Dive Into Richards Sweepstakes With Massive Offer

With the combination of large dollar amount and long contracts being handed out the free agents are flying off the board very quickly on Day 1 of NHL free agency, but Brad Richards is still on the board and getting plenty of attention.  Richards held a series of in person meetings with teams and conference calls with others.
Little has come out in terms of what the teams are offering except for Jesse Spector reporting on what the Calgary Flames have offered:
Source: Flames offer Richards nine years, $64 million. Other source: "He won't go there."
Those are crazy figures and the Rangers should not approach anywhere near those numbers to try and acquire Richards.  For the Flames it is a desperation attempt to add talent to a team that has failed to make anything in the draft in recent years.  It is highly unlikely Richards would sign in Calgary as their chance to win is remote, especially with an aging team that has little reinforcements on the way.