Friday, July 1, 2011

Rangers Not Sending Delegation To Meet Directly With Richards Today

The Brad Richards sweepstakes is in full swing just ahead of the opening of free agency this afternoon.  According to Darren Dreger teams are lining up to make presentations and offers for the 31-year-old center.
LA will go hard after Richards. Teams lining up to meet and make presentations today. Teams owners involved. Will be a feeding frenzy.
One team that is not there for an in person meeting/presentation for Brad Richards is the New York Rangers.  That might surprise some, but Larry Brooks reports that the Rangers are not there because Richards knows coach John Tortorella and what he would be signing up for.
Rangers are not sending delegation to meet with Richards. He knows Tortorella well enough by now.
While it is certainly the case that Richards knows Tortorella it is still somewhat strange to not at least send a delegation to make a pitch when he is clearly the best player on the market and you have significant interest in him.  Certainly is not because the entire New York organization is staying back here to work on making lots of other moves today.