Friday, July 1, 2011

No Decision For Richards Tonight; Rangers, Flames Said To Be Favorites

The Brad Richards sweepstakes will carry over until the second day of free agency and Richards attempts to make a final decision on where he wants to spend the rest of his career.  After spending the day talking to numerous teams, both in person and via conference call, Richards is said to be mulling it over for the night and likely to decide tomorrow.  

The only offer that has been reported out with figures is the suggest 9-year, $64 million dollar deal of the Calgary Flames.  Beyond pure money the relationship with Jay Feaster is a factor in Richards interest in Calgary as is Jarome Iginla who personally lobbied Richards to come join him today.  The Rangers offer was not disclosed, but various reports say that the money is certainly lower than what Calgary is offering.
All accounts suggest that the Rangers are still the favorites for his services, but the Calgary Flames are a close second at this point with Los Angeles and Toronto still in the mix.

I suspect NYR favorite to win out, but I would guess CGY is ahead of TOR or LA or other suitors at this point. Will find out soon enough.
Folks...indications suggest the Rangers are still the frontrunner, but make no mistake about it, the Calgary Flames are in the hunt.
Rangers appear to be in good position here with Richards though not sure of numbers.
The fact that New York is reportedly not the highest bid and still considered the favorite does speak, at least on some level, of a desire to come here.   Whether he will ultimately come to the Rangers or play elsewhere in unknown at this point, but the answers should come soon.