Friday, July 22, 2011

Dubinsky Says He Is Ready For Higher Expectations, To Take Next Step

This morning I took a look at the four-year, $16.8 million contract Brandon Dubinsky and the New York Rangers agreed to yesterday and said that Dubinsky would have to raise his game to match the increased expectations.  In the course of that discussion I said that the consistency of his play was the key to Dubinsky being able to reach that higher level because he has shown over stretches that the talent to do so is clearly there.  In talking with Blueshirts United today, Dubinsky said he was ready for the challenge and agreed that consistency was the key for him going forward.
"There's a lot of weight that comes with the contract I just signed, and a lot of expectations that come with it, but I think I am ready to take that step and make sure that I play up to those expectations. I think I am improving and getting better each and every year, and I don't think this year will be any different. I look forward to build off the success I had last year. But to take that next step, personally, I need that consistency every night, the consistency in the level of my play. With the responsibility I have to the team, consistency is a big part of it for me."
The fact that Dubinsky is self-aware of where the issues are in his game is a great sign that he will continue to improve with each passing year and hit his potential during this contract.  When Dubinsky gets to his peak level that contract paying him $4.2 million per season will look like a brilliant investment on behalf of the Rangers organization.

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