Friday, July 22, 2011

Aaron Boogard Formally Charged In Relation To Derek Boogaard's Death

Yesterday it was reported that Aaron Boogaard, brother of the late Derek Boogaard, was being held in prison awaiting drug related charges.  Today the charges were filed and the tragic story of what has happened to the Boogaard family since May 13 only intensified.  According to Associated Press via, Aaron Boogaard was the one who supplied his late brother with the pill that would eventually take his life.

The younger Boogaard was charged with unlawful sale of a controlled substance, a felony that also applies in instances when drugs are given away for free. He was also charged with interfering with the scene of a death for allegedly misleading the coroner or concealing evidence.

This story gets more and more tragic with each new turn.  Nothing good was bound to come from a situation where Aaron was apparently the one who was regulating the usage of the medicine by Derek and then to read that Aaron disposed of the rest of the pills by flushing them down the toilet before emergency personnel arrived is horrific.