Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dubinsky Deal Sets Foundation As Rangers Turn To Signing Callahan Next

Now that Brandon Dubinsky’s contract is done, the New York Rangers will now turn their focus to Ryan Callahan and finalizing a long-term deal with the presumed next captain of the franchise.  The two sides have until July 28 to work out a deal before they would face an arbitration hearing, though most expect the deal to be done with a few days to spare.  The signing of Dubinsky should help the process along, as according to Callahan’s agent, Steve Bartlett, the deal will be a basis for the negotiations between his client and the franchise.
"Any signing of a player of similar age and accomplishments affects players who share restricted free agency," Bartlett said. "Much like the real estate market one looks at comparables. We know we're looking at houses on the same block, now we need to find out what's inside."
According to Kevin Oklobzija of the Democrat and Chronicle, Callahan himself said the following about Dubinsky’s deal:
"I think it lays the groundwork for my deal," Callahan said on Thursday.
The fact that Dubinsky’s deal would be used in negotiations with Callahan is something that most have expected since the arbitration order was announced earlier this month.  There has been debate over whether Callahan will get less, the same or more than Dubinsky, but based on what Bartlett had to say, you can expect that Callahan will be seeking more than what Dubinsky got in his deal.

Then there was this interesting quote from Callahan…
"I like where I am," he said. "Obviously the deal has to be right but I love New York and that's where I want to play."
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and no one should begrudge him wanting to get the right deal for himself, but I cannot help but read that quote and wonder what the reaction would be if that had been said by Dubinsky a week before his arbitration hearing.  Though it is often forgotten, this is a business and the job for Bartlett is to get Callahan as much as he can.  Callahan is rightfully looking to get paid in a big way by the Rangers and they will certainly oblige him within the next few days and with it all the major work of the organization will be done for the summer and the team will have their foundation locked up for years to come.