Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video: Tortorella Snaps on Fan Incident Question, "Ask A Question About the Game, G-d D*mn It"

Coach John Tortorella followed the lead of his goaltender tonight when he snapped at the press when asked about a supposed incident between him and some fans behind the New York Rangers bench during the second period. As you can see in the video Torts fires back, "Ask a question about the game , god---- it."

Furthering the story Steve Zipay tweets, that as he walked away Tortorella said: "Bleepin clowns."

According to twitter accounts of the incident in question from @snowkitten35 and @the_nange the incident itself was no big deal in that a couple of Montreal fans were heckling Torts from behind the bench and he ignored it.  If anyone has other accounts of what went on or video of it feel free to send it over.