Saturday, January 15, 2011

Video: Lundqvist Goes Ron Hextall Punching Max Pacioretty With Blocker

Over the past few seasons New York Rangers fans have seen Henrik Lundqvist run into by the opposition on countless occasions and all wondered at what point Henrik would just snap and go after a guy for doing it and it turns out the answer was January 15, 2011 in Montreal.

With 2:20 left in the second period and being one of the only players on his team to show up to that point in the game Henrik Lundqvist just flew off the handle after being run into by Max Pacioretty.  Lundqvist got up jumped on top of Pacioretty and proceeded to punch him in the face with his blocker.  In Pacioretty's defense he was pushed into Lundqvist by Dubinsky, but with the series of circumstances that would not have mattered to Lundqvist as he did his best imitation of Ron Hextall.  For the play Lundqvist was given two minutes for roughing, but if it means that he gets run even one less time in the future the penalty is more than worth it as keeping him healthy must be the number one priority of the organization.

If only his team had shown that much fight the first 38 minutes maybe they would have won tonight.  Good for Henrik for finally saying if the team will not stand up for him as they should, he will do it himself.

Update: New video from @Cathybytes