Friday, January 14, 2011

Rangers To Open Next Season In Europe?

Per EJ Hradek the New York Rangers are among the main teams in consideration to open the season in Europe next year.  The other teams that he mentions are Washington, Anaheim, Edmonton to be among the six teams that will go over.

For those unaware the Rangers have already opened the season in Europe before when they played Tampa Oct. 4th and 5th 2008 in Prague.

The move makes sense with MSG undergoing renovations and likely not ready until Mid-October anyway so why not use the Rangers marketing ability overseas to help promote the game.  My guess if the Rangers did go they get at least one game in Sweden having Lundqvist on the roster.  Maybe they will change it up and switch the venues or even the opponents up as well and the other game is against Hiller and the Ducks in Switzerland or something of that nature.

Maybe Rangers vs Canucks in a rematch of the upcoming Cup Finals letting the Sedin Twins seek revenge for New York winning another Cup at Vancouver's expense.

Do you want the Rangers to open the year in Europe?  Who would you want them to play and where?