Friday, January 14, 2011

Are This Years Rangers Like The Old New Jersey Teams?

In watching last night’s performance by the Rangers I could not help but think back to the NJ championship teams and apparently I was not the only one.  Arthur Staple at Newsday says that the way the Rangers controlled the game against the Canucks last night was very Devils-like...

"It was Lamoriello-esque, really. With a couple of exceptions, the Rangers have become what their one-time coach, the quotable Colin Campbell, used to call the Devs during Jersey's heyday: They are pretty much an interchangeable flock of forwards."

The comparison as much as it might make my stomach flip is one that is very appropriate for the construction of this club.  Along with that the point about what these Rangers are missing in comparison to those NJ teams could spell the difference between being ready now or not.  What it might mean is, what many of us are thinking, as great as this season is and the possibilities are for the finish, the team is likely one year away from really being there.  If they can get ahead of the schedule all the better, but after all those down years where the future looked bleak I can certainly wait one more.  Besides, if the Cups come I do not care what they call the team as long as it ends with champions.