Friday, January 14, 2011

Rangers Prospect Ethan Werek Injury Update

New York Rangers prospect Ethan Werek has been out of action since December 10, 2010 with injury.  Originally the injury was just labeled as day-to-day, and then finally it was reported out that the injury was to the wrist area.  The latest update that had been out there was that Werek was hoping to come back last weekend following him getting a brace from the Rangers medical staff.  Obviously that did not happen.
Today, through information passed on via Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park, we were alerted to an interview with Ethan published yesterday.  Doug Graham of the Whig Standard interviewed Ethan who is notably frustrated by not being able to play or even grip a stick after a month of missing action.   
In the interview Graham reports “Werek describes his injury as a ligament tear.”
"I'm trying to do every kind of thing so I don't have to have surgery. I tried it on the weekend when I was home but it still wasn't there," Werek said.
I love that Werek is trying to play though it and help his team, but this is a mistake.  He is a 19 year old whose focus has to be on the big picture and this decision to try and rehab instead of taking the sure fix of the operation only hurts him long term.  If he had the surgery immediately he would likely either be back now or within a few weeks of returning.  Now that he has gone this route and still end up needing the operation he will be out another one to two months effectively costing him half of the season.  To make matters worse December is the perfect time to have something like this taken care of in Juniors as the amount games to be missed are fewer than other parts of the year.
One has to wonder at what point injuries and the time missed, development lost might cost Werek in the larger picture when it comes to be offered a contract by the Rangers this summer.  I am not saying all is lost or that he will not be, but these are things in that big picture that Werek has to start considering when he makes these decisions.  Either way let us hope that Ethan gets back as soon as possible, remains healthy and continues to produce in the way he has previously.
As always make sure you check out The Prospect Park daily for your updates on the New York Rangers prospects as Jess is the best there is for the information.