Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daily Recap: Rangers Lose In OT; Torts Calls Out Gabby?; Boyle Team MVP?; MDZ Sits Again; Isles Trade; Crosby Hit

Lots to talk about around the NHL on New Year’s Day though you would not know that from watching NHLN tonight as it seemed only the Winter Classic was played today.  In the world of the New York Rangers there was a game that at least a few of the players decided to show up for, though not enough to pull out a win down in Tampa.  The combination of Henrik Lundqvist and a late goal would let the Rangers salvage a point they really did not deserve from this particular game.  The full game story details what went on during play, which guys I think actually showed up tonight and the one big one who while having a big moment late was MIA far too much.

Following the game during his press conference John Tortorella started off fiery with John Giannone when Giannone suggested that the team was satisfied with getting a point out of the game.  Also in the presser Torts discussed Marian Gaborik seemingly calling him out again to produce more and talking about a possible confidence problem with his star winger.  Check out the linked video and see if you think I am reading his mannerisms the same way you are.
Aside from the game today this morning’s article dealt with the transformation of Brian Boyle from someone who was on the bubble to even make the club to an invaluable piece of the success so far this season.  I pondered if the quality of Boyle was the MVP of the team so far based on the level to which his play has risen.  Check out the article to see how the transformation occurred in Boyle, how what he changed in the offseason has impacted his game on the ice, the statistical breakdown of his season against prior years and how his role as a teammate truly adds to the club.  The reality is whether you believe he is the MVP or not to even be able to have him in the discussion says great things about his year.

This morning it was announced that Michael Del Zotto was going to sit for his fourth straight game even though there had been speculation that other’s might sit for him to play today.  I wrote about how if Del Zotto is going to sit for any more extended of a period that it might be best to send him down and let him play instead.  While I am still not a huge proponent of sending him to the minors check out why I think sending him down would be more beneficial than just hanging out in the press box.  I have a feeling after tonight’s game that they will find a way to get him back in the lineup for tomorrow’s game with Florida.

From around the NHL there was Winter Classic Moments that caught my eye and a trade by the rivals on the island with tonight’s opponent. 

Let’s go with the Classic first:
  • Video of Rupp and Erskine squaring off it a fight that featured some pretty big shots for both.
  • The biggest controversy coming out the Classic might be the hit by Steckel on Sidney.  Appears the viewpoint is based on how you feel about Sid to begin with because those that like him have a problem with the hit and those who cannot stand him cannot get enough of the hit.

Finally the Isles made a deal with TB to send Rollie down there for Ty Wishart.  I understand what TB is at least attempting to do with the deal but the dismantling of the Isles is becoming beyond pitiful and at some point the NHL has to look to step in when a team is not even trying to put a competitive product on the ice.