Sunday, January 2, 2011

Video: Torts Post-game: Livid About Bad Penalty; Won't Talk About MDZ

As usual Torts was entertaining in his comments.  Thoughts on the loss of Fedotenko were 100% accurate and you noticed the things he does a lot more when he was out than you otherwise realize when he plays.  Thought Avery did a decent job with Boyle and Prust in the 3rd.

Agree it was a bad penalty by Weise as any penalty in the offensive zone, but that penalty was not what cost the Rangers the game and to talk about kids working through things all season and then bench him the rest of the night after it is, pick an adjective. 

Find it interesting that he did not want to talk about Del Zotto without watching the tape but unprompted felt the need to praise Gaborik's play.  Maybe nothing to it, but seemed like a sort of give back for singling him out last night.