Saturday, January 1, 2011

Video: Torts Post-game: Calls Out Gaborik Again?; Testy With Giannone

Following the Rangers loss tonight in his post-game press conference John Tortorella quickly shot back at John Giannone for using the word satisfied in terms of getting a point out of tonight's game to which Giannone corrected his awful word choice to accurately describe the player's thoughts as it being a big point.

Later on he appeared to call out Marian Gaborik again saying the team needs more from him, which it does, then he talks about Gaborik battling confidence and finally praises the work of everyone else on the play.  Personally I think what he said about Gaborik was right in terms of the team needing more from him, but if you believe a guy is is having confidence issues why put that out there in public and not just talk up the goal itself to boost him?