Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Daily Recap: Gilroy Is In, Who's Out?; Kreider, Bourque, Fasth At WJC; Whale Home Jersey; Shelley Sucker Punch

With his strong play against the Islanders Matt Gilroy at least for the moment has put a lock on a spot for himself in the lineup and so this morning I looked at what the ramifications for him locking in a spot where on the other defenders and who might become the new odd-man out.  There really are only three candidates who might qualify to be the one who now misses time from the lineup and I went through the cases on Rozsival, Del Zotto and Eminger to see whom given all the factors I would leave out of the lineup.  On this front coach John Tortorella made some news both agreeing and disagreeing with my logic in the original piece and I will look at what he said and what will be the right move for Del Zotto tomorrow.

In other Rangers news today all four of the prospects at the WJC were in action and while Roman Horak was held scoreless the other three all got on the board today.  I recapped the Team USA game in which Kyle Palmieri and Charlie Coyle lead the way in the romp over Slovakia and discussed the play of both Kreider and Bourque who both had assists in the game.  Both of the Rangers prospects showed well for themselves in their different areas of expertise and look to be in form to be even bigger factors as the tournament progresses.  Jesper Fasth who had an assist in Sweden’s opening game would score a goal today in the 2-0 win over Russia.

Other than that there was only the photo of the new Whale home jersey in direct relation to the Rangers.

Outside of currently relating to the Rangers there was: