Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Video: Jody Shelley Sucker Punches Andrew Alberts

Tonight in the third period of a blowout win for the Vancouver Canucks, Flyers forward Jody Shelley decided to sucker punch Andrew Albert during a third period scrum. Seems that sucker punches are becoming more of the rage these days in the NHL with the one that Milan Lucic threw in the brawl against the Thrashers last week in which he was only fined and not suspended. My guess says based on his history the NHL will suspend Shelley and they may even try to make an example of him to stop this stuff because sucker punches have no place in the game of hockey. If you want to fight a guy then fine go fight the guy but to act like you are wrapping up with one player and then catch another blind with a punch is beyond the scope. You would think in a league with their new emphasis on taking away head shots and blindside hits from the game they would treat this as harshly or even more so than one of those.