Thursday, September 15, 2011

Redden Not Invited To Training Camp, Could Split Be Coming?

While we are still waiting for the official training camp roster to be released, Steve Zipay is reporting that Wade Redden will not be invited to attend training camp.  This is somewhat surprising as it was reported a few months ago that Redden was planning to attend camp this year.  There was no doubt that Redden was not going to be on the team, but given how professionally he handled himself and the mentor-ship he gave to the young defenders like Ryan McDonagh last season it is surprising if not disappointing that they didn’t allow him to come to camp.
The remote possibility does exist that Redden could refuse the assignment to Hartford, thus voiding the $16.5 million remaining on his contract with the Rangers over the next three seasons.  Redden's agent has said before that there were no plans to do this, so it is an unlikely scenario, but it would be one explanation for not even bothering to put him on the camp roster.  It is very unlikely that will come to pass, but maybe the desire to get another shot at the NHL is worth it to Redden.