Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photo: Jaroslav Halak Honors Pavol Demitra On New Goalie Mask

Thousands gathered in Slovakia today to pay tribute to the life of Pavol Demitra, and many in the NHL will play with Demitra in their hearts this season, but St. Louis Blues goaltender Jaroslav Halak will be wearing Demitra’s likeness on his helmet each time he steps on the ice this season.  InGoal Magazine has put out pictures of the mask that the Blues netminder will be wearing.  Head Strong Grafx did a brillant job in executing this beautiful tribute from the Slovakian netminder to his countryman and former captain.  The fact that Halak will be wearing this while playing for St. Louis where Demitra had some of his finest seasons only makes it more special.

Head over to InGoal Magazine to see the other amazing shots of the rest of Halak’s mask for the upcoming season.