Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dubinsky Talks Rangers Offseason and Importance of Captain's Letter

In a wide ranging interview with Jim Cerny for Blueshirts United, Brandon Dubinsky gave his thoughts on each of the moves the Rangers have made this summer along with his own role as a leader on the team.  There has been a lot of discussion about the Rangers captains for the upcoming season and I will dive into that more tomorrow, but Dubinsky says what we should all know concerning the importance of letters on the sweater.
On how important wearing a letter is to him: "It would exciting and it would be an honor if that was bestowed on me. But that being said, I think everyone who is around me and knows me knows that I will be the same guy with or without (a letter). I will voice my opinions, I will be loud, I will be emotional, and I'm going to keep bringing that same effort I do every day."
Leadership is not made by the insertion of a letter on a jersey and it is not removed from one not being there.  The Rangers are lucky for the coming season to have a series of players who show leadership both on and off the ice and that is an understated reason for why the team has turned the corner in the rebuilding stage and is looking to be a competitor for a title in the near future.

For more thoughts from Dubinsky on Brad Richards meaning the club both offensively and in leadership along with what he thought of the acquisition of Mike Rupp check out the full interview on Blueshirts United.