Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boyle Not Resting On Last Year, Working Even Harder For Next Season

Coming off a career season and about to get a large increase in salary it would be easy for Brian Boyle of the New York Rangers to lost a little of the motivation that drove him last summer just to save his spot on the roster.  That is certainly not the case this summer based on what he told Blueshirts yesterday during the Rangers Summer Youth Hockey Camp.
"It's great that we got Brad (Richards), and I'm super excited about that. But we all need to work even harder this off-season and be even better next season. We have to do this as a team, not rely on only one guy."
Having already begun his off-ice conditioning and restarted his power skating training with Barbara Underhill there is absolutely no relaxing for Boyle this summer.  While last season’s motivation was about proving he was an NHL player who could have an impact and deserved to stay, this summer is all about proving that last season was for real and not just a fluke. 

Boyle is absolutely right in terms of how every player on the team should be looking at the Brad Richards signing.  There should be a level of excitement to add a top quality player to the roster and the statement it makes from management about how close they believe the team is to competing for a championship.  Beyond that though it cannot be just about Richards as the Rangers do not stand a chance to compete if all the players who had breakout years last season, like Boyle, do not continue to have that same or even more impact next season.