Monday, January 17, 2011

Video: Avery Drops Carle During Rangers Flyers Fracas

With the Rangers down 3-0 to the Flyers and getting little going in terms of momentum in the game a fight was bound to happen. Originally the play started with just Brandon Prust and Darroll Powe, but then Scott Walker and Kris Newbury got involved and eventually it was all ten skaters that were on the ice at the time.

The funniest part of the whole thing was when Brandon Dubinsky tried to mount Jody Shelley, but thankfully for Dubinsky's healthy Shelley refrained from destroying him.

In the main fight that come out Sean Avery dropped Matt Carle, a non-fighter, with a right hand which showed why Rangers fans love him. In that same moment after he dropped him he showed why fans of other teams hate him as he kept punching Carle after he went down. Where you come down on that likely depends on which team you cheer for because it will either be if you get destroyed in a fight then you deserve it or Avery is dirty scum for doing it. Personally I hate that so many in the league do it at all as I do not see any honor in it, and find what Avery did to be BS regardless of the fact that others do it, but that's me.

There is also the issue of Avery taking on Carle who as I said is a non-fighter and that breaking the code of fighters in the NHL and I agree that should not happen much the way that Carcillo should have laid off Gaborik last season.

Interestingly enough the two that started the whole thing did not throw a punch or end up in the penalty box.