Monday, January 17, 2011

Briere, Hartnell Punch Prust From Bench (Video)

As much as I detest fighting a guy after a clean hit and the rise of that in the NHL this season, what went on late in the New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers game last night is worse.  After a perfectly clean hit in the corner by Brandon Prust on Kimmo Timmonen as Prust skated back towards his own bench he was greeted by Flyers captain Mike Richards who took exception to the hit.  I have no problem with what Richards did, but while Richards was talking to Prust both Daniel Briere and Scott Hartnell threw punches from the Flyers' bench that hit Prust in the back of the head.

Update: broadstbull: Danny Briere fined for throwing a punch from the bench on Sun. Hartnell escaped discipline.#Flyers

This is what I expected as you will see under the video though I do find it strange that Briere got a fine but Hartnell did nor for doing the exact same thing.  Though inconsistent discipline is a consistent feature of the NHL discipline regime at the moment.

Here is the video from Broad Street Hockey

I do not expect any huge moves from the league in regards to the cheap shots, but I would expect fines as you will recall rhe Rangers' Brandon Dubinsky was fined $1,000 for grabbing Edmonton's Colin Fraser from the bench during the brawl against the Oilers on November 14, 2010.

Wonder if all those Flyers fans and players bagging on Avery for him taking liberties on Carle after he took him down will be as hard on their own guys.  I certainly disagreed with what Avery did and said so here.