Saturday, January 8, 2011

Daily Recap: Zuccarello SO Winner; Richards Off Market?; Frolov to MTL?; NHL Worsts

Certainly no shortage of things to talk about today when it comes to the New York Rangers, but let us start where the day ended with a tough shootout win against a very good Stars team.  The win was yet another Rangers comeback win which is a great thing to see the team have the belief that being down a goal going into the third is not only not the end of the game, but possibly right where they want to be. 

Against Stars Zuccarello Shines Brightest; Rangers 3-2 SO Win is the recap of tonight’s comeback win in the shootout with Mats Zuccarello-Aasen getting the winner, but as with every game there were plenty of other key moments in the game which are detailed, which players stood out and those which did not show up for tonight’s game.  Also see a review of how Ryan McDonagh’s debut

Highlights from tonight’s game include the Artem Anisimov shot that tied the game in the third period and the Mats Zuccarello shootout winner along with a Dale Weise, Steve Ott fight so check out those videos.

The biggest prize in the NHL rumormill this season has been Brad Richards because of the assumption that at some point for various reasons the Stars would have to seel him.  With today’s move to go out and trade for Jamie Langenbrunner so I looked at whether that move means Brad Richards Is Off The Market? The move to go out and trade for Langenbrunner certainly changes the calculations and assumptions involved, but does it mean Richards is a lock to stay through the deadline?  Are the Rangers better off if this move does ensure that neither the Rangers nor anyone else get Richards during the year?

This morning I took a look at a rumor that had the Rangers and Habs talking trade and Alex Frolov potentially involved.  Inside there is a look at the obvious of why the Rangers would deal Frolov, the less obvious on the surface of why Montreal would look to acquire him and what a possible trade might look like if it did happen.

This afternoon I put up links to other sites that had some great stories up involving the following topics: Mid-term Grades; Drury Needs New Pants; Lundqvist Pending Nuptials

Finally tonight’s video section is unfortunately a couple of lowlights from the way some people choose to play the game.

One has Kostopoulos Blindside Cheap Shot Breaks Stuart's Jaw (Video w Blood) which is one of the dirtiest hits I can think of in recent memory and he should expect a lengthy suspension.

The other was Ben Eager Sucker Punches Armstrong; Tor Get 4 Goals; Suspension Likely Coming (Video) which looks at not only the sucker punch itself and possible suspension but how his team paid a dear price for his selfish play to cheapshot Armstrong.  Regardless of what you think about Armstrong personally this was beyond the bounds.