Friday, January 7, 2011

Rangers Links: Mid-term Grades; Drury Needs New Pants; Lundqvist Pending Nuptials

In something I have not done enough of in the first couple months of this blog, here are some links to phenomenal stories on other sites today.

Dave Shapiro of Blue Seat Blogs,  my other posting home, gives out his mid-season take on all the Rangers players as the professor he is.  Great job breaking down each guy, only gripe is that he was a little soft on some of the grades, but maybe he is just student friendly.  Certainly check it out and see which ones you agree or disagree with.

Eric of 5-Hole  shares a photo of Chris Drury that shows just how badly the captain could use some new pants.  Maybe we need to give him a raise or go to his restaurant some more so he could afford the investment.  Credit to @njrobnyf as well for being the source.

Finally, his longtime girlfriend, Therese.

All of these sites do great work each day in disseminating information and giving their opinions about what is going on with the Rangers and should all be on a daily to do list for you as they are for me.