Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Video: Tortorella Meets The Media Talks Lines, Gabby, MDZ, Prospal, Drury, Prust

Video via Jesse Spector of the New York Daily News has some very interesting comments from Tortorella on a wide variety of topics.  Here is a bullet point of my takes after the video: 

  • If you are to believe Torts then the theory that this is why Gaborik was playing so badly is debunked since he says clearly to start that it is a new thing for the last few days.  Maybe it is me but he sounded a little frustrated in talking about Gabby telling him he could not go in practice today.  
  • Interesting he did not answer Andrew Gross direct question about whether the sitting of Del Zotto was purely about his illness which makes me think he might have been sat down anyway.
  • The relationship Torts has with Prospal is an interesting and unique one in that he can rib him in the media and fully expects Prospal not only to take it the right way, but use it as motivation to be even better the next time.  Wish there were more players with that kind of attitude and approach. 
  • Statement that Drury will be on the wing contradicts the statement that he has not thought at all about lines
  • Love what he said to the inartful questions about Prust and wish he had the same approach to all players getting their opportunities because they earned them
  • Disdain for the Philly performance still very evident
Later tonight I will look at Gaborik's injury and what it might mean for tomorrow's lines against the Lightning.