Friday, December 31, 2010

Daily Recap: Rangers Contenders in 2011?; Best Arrivals and Departures 2010; WJC: Kreider, Bourque, Fasth

Today on the site was both reflective on the season to this point, the year as a whole and looking forward to what is coming in 2011 for the New York Rangers. This afternoon I looked at the year so far as how as someone who has taken the approach of I will believe it when I see it with this club I am beginning to buy into the fact this year is not only different than last year, but that there might be something here to make a run.  As I said in the piece I am not talking about planning any parades but as someone who before the season had trouble really envisioning this team as a playoff club and if they got in anything higher than 6-8 with a first round exist I am seeing evidence of more possible.  Rangers exceed expectations to close 2010; contention in 2011? looks at the pieces of evidence I am seeing to change my tune and have some hope not just for what was coming down the road in the future but what they are doing right now.  Who knows they could do like they have done before and just have built us up again to fall apart, but at least for now the hope is fun.

Beyond that with the club I took a look at the top arrivals and departures from the team in the year 2010.  The list is fairly obvious in terms of the names that are on it, especially names like Derek Stepan, Brandon Prust and Wade Redden, but beyond the names there is a theme or meme I see.  The difference of those on the list coming in and the one going out is the energy and passion all the newcomers display while the ones on the departure list did not.  That in and of itself leads back to the reason the team is doing better and part of why I am believing in the possibilities.

In Rangers prospect action at the WJC Chris Kreider scored his second goal and fourth point of the tournament as the USA held on to win against the Swiss.  Ryan Bourque was very good in the game and was awarded the Player of the Game award even though it should have gone to Mitch Callahan for scoring the game winner.  With the win Team USA wins the group and gets a bye into the semi-finals where they will play the winner of Canada/Switzerland.

The reason the USA could play Canada in the semi-finals is because Jesper Fasth and Team Sweden defeated Team Canada in a shootout to win the group and get a bye into the Semi's where they will play the winner of Russia/Finland.  Fasth was held scoreless for the first time in the tournament. 

There was a fun video of a couple coming up with the best use of a vuvuzela I have seen.  At an AHL hockey game the couple used the vuvuzela as a beer bong to down beers on $1 beer night.  Beyond that hilarity there are other elements to the video that make it a must watch.

Other than that today there was some WC coverage starting this morning with my discussion about the NHL obsession with promoting Sidney and Ovie, why I understand them having this as the match-up for this year but how if it does not stop it is hurting the overall game by failing to promote the league beyond these two players.  The bottom line is that while the two man rivalry it is good for TV you have to ask if it is good for the sport.

With the weather delay for the WC I am taking a poll to see whether the rating impacts the fans think that moving the game from the afternoon to the evening will be.  Personally I will now be watching the Rangers instead of the Classic, but maybe I catch the third period.  Vote here.

Beyond that there was a fun incident with Ovie during the team skate where he and the son of the Caps GM squared off in a mock fight that ended with Ovie giving the kid a wedgie.

Finally on a personally note since this is the last post of 2010 I want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement over the last couple months as I started this thing because it means a lot to me personally and I certainly hope to see you as we together keep it going in the new year.  Best wishes to all you and yours, Happy New Year.

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