Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vote For NHL All-Star Game: Include Avery To Ruin Bettman's Weekend

Update: After initially resisting the movement to get Avery in the All-Star game just to mess with Bettman I have come to realize that the loss to the game or whomever might deserve to go is far outweighed by the satisfaction of watching Bettman and Campbell squirm over him being there.  That doesn't even count all the media guys who bash him for the fun of it having to cover him and call him All-star.  Rest of the prior incarnation below.

Since I always encourage voting in any form, might as well join in and remind everyone that voting is now open on nhl.com for this years All-Star game.  I am already on record commenting about the joke that the ballot is and how I dont really buy into the new format of elementary school pick your team stuff, but regardless the fans can have a say in who is involved in the picking so I guess that makes it worth promoting.  Also to make up for the farce that is Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi not being on the ballot you are able to write guys in and vote for them.  You are allowed to vote up to 30 times a day, so stuff the ballot boxes.  Where to Vote

Other Ranger blogs are running campaigns:
NYRBlog is running on to ruin the game for Gary Bettman by getting Avery in as a starter. - While I cannot stand Betman and what he is doing to the game in many ways I cannot go that far simply because Avery is not playing near well enough to deserve it.  Ok, now that I said that, screw it let's get him in there.

Nick over at RangersTribune is running a contest where if you vote and submit your picks in the comments you will be entered in a random drawing to win an "All-Star Game player tee this January!"

Even though I dont have an All-Star game official gear to get in the spirit and to encourage voting as I always do I will hold a drawing of my own for a prize not yet determined, probably an autographed puck, but not sure yet.  Same deal as Nick's just leave the details of your vote in the comments and I will randomly draw numbers when the time comes.

In the spirit of disclosure and violating the sanctity of the voting booth I went with Dubinsky, Callahan, Stamkos, Staal, Girardi and Lundqvist.  Other guys very worthy of going include Chris Stewart (Colorado), Derek Roy (Buffalo), Alexander Edler (Vancouver), Dustin Byfuglien (Atlanta), but since fans of other teams will likely stuff the box for theirs I did for ours.  Now you have a chance to not only get your favorite guys in the game, but also win a prize while doing it, nothing more American than that.  Remember you can vote up to 30 times each day, so let's get some Rangers headed to Carolina.

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