Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily Recap: What's Behind Christensen/Avery Reaction; Staal Back In Form Moving Game Forward; Avery to ASG

Most of the traffic today was still focused on the Erik Christensen comments about Sean Avery’s role in the brawl during the Rangers game vs Edmonton.  In thinking more and more about the situation I was left pondering why the reaction against Christensen has been so venomous leading me to ask, Was It Because Christensen Said It Or Because He Said It About Avery?

The other big story for me on the blog that got somewhat lost was a look at Marc Staal’s early season struggles while looking at reasons for them and looking at how his recent play shows us not only is he back to where we thought he was going to be, but possibly he is ready to go to new heights mainly due to his somewhat new physicality and edge in his game.  The simple explanation is just to leave him alone let him focus on defense and the offense will come naturally.

Also on the site there was initially an All-Star Game push because of my background in politics I encourage voting in any and all things you care about in which I pushed for the write in candidacy of Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi as all three in my opinion have earned their way into the game.  In that vein I will be doing a series on each one’s candidacy over the next few days.  I had seen the desire of some to get Sean Avery into the game and in my initial comments on the ASG I said I could not make myself vote for him because he was not near deserving with his play.  I still believe on merit he is not worthy of going, but I have gotten on board with the push to get Avery in the game because of the chaos it would create for the likes of Bettman, Campbell and all the media critics who love to bash Avery, not to mention all of them having to call him All-Star.

Other than on the site today I put up a day later than I would have like a look at the week ahead for the Rangers which still applies to games against Boston, Colorado and Minnesota.  Also there was an update on the stats of Rangers prospects in Hartford, College and all the CHL leagues.