Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unveiling the Connecticut Whale...Jersey Photos Plus Redden Rocking Mustache

Today the soon to be Connecticut Whale unveiled one of their three jerseys. The first game where the jersey's will be worn is this coming Saturday the first official game as the Whale as part of a sort of second opening weekend.  I am sure the team as well as the fans would love to hit the reset button on those first 20 games. The season has been abysmal for the team, but winning two of three and getting a new name and uniforms might be a chance for a fresh start for them.  If not they will at least look pretty good in the new jersey's. 

For those who will miss the days of them being called the Hartford Wolfpack take solace in the fact that through the magic of corporate sponsorship the word Hartford will still be on the uniform as a patch for The Hartford will adorn the left shoulder of the uniforms.

Update: Before we get to the Connecticut jersey we bid farewell to the Hartford ones with a picture of Wade Redden rocking a mustache.

Via McLooth and SNYRangersBlog

I know that is Tim Kennedy on the left, but not positive which guy is on the right in that picture.