Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brandon Dubinsky, Dan Girardi All-Star Game Campaign Update/Rant

photo by Dig Deep of Blueshirt Banter
The preliminary numbers for the All-star game voting came out today and there was good news for Marc Staal 13th among defenders and Sean Avery 27th among forwards.  In the not so good news departments Brandon Dubinsky was 49th among the forwards right behind Zach Parise who hasnt played in 3 weeks and Dan Girardi sits 34th among defenders.

I understand the appeal of voting for Avery and have supported the effort to some extent because there is a fun aspect to it.  I also understand that there might have been an aspect of complacency assuming that guys like Dubinsky would get votes from all around based on the season he is having, so less effort would have to be used to get him in the game. Obviously that is not the case.  So, my problem right now is if you as a fan of this club are going to put in the effort to stuff the ballot box for someone who everyone involved does not deserve to go on merit should you not also spend the same amount of time voting for guys on your own squad who do?  Maybe I am naive to think that way, but you have the ability on every ballot to vote for three forwards, two defense and one goalie.  There is nothing at all that stops you from voting for Avery and also writing-in Dubinsky as a forward and Girardi as a defender.  Heck, go all out vote for Gaborik, Staal, and Lundqvist to complete the six-pack of Rangers.  If Flyers fans can figure out how to put Richards 6th, Giroux 11th, Briere 12th and Carter 17th I have faith that Rangers fans can vote for more than just one of our own.  To me the point is not even about getting best players in the game it is about supporting the guys who are doing the most to help your team win at least as much as you are trying to screw with the commissioner.  

I completely agree with the sentiment that the all-star ballot is a farce as I expounded here, but means we as fans must be even more diligent in forcing the guys who deserve to go into the game and not just the popularity contest contestants.  Brandon Dubinsky and Dan Girardi had nothing to do with the development of the ballot, so to not vote for them because of the joke the ballot is punishes them for something they had no control over.  I understand the argument in part for Avery is that Bettman is screwing up the game and making it a joke, but I counter that with if you are a fan of the sweater as I believe all those who are voting for Avery truly are is it not a joke or disrespect against guys who sacrifice their bodies and produce the most to get that sweater wins to not support them in being recognized for their achievements?

I am happy for Avery and everyone who has been working so hard to get him in the game, the work is paying off, congratulations.  All I want now is to also be happy that we are supporting those most responsible for where our team is right now.  I leave you to your votes.  I had my say and obviously you can have yours in the comments.

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Below is the original campaign post for Dubinsky and Girardi
With the NHL fan balloting underway there are campaigns are springing up everywhere including in our own backyard with the push to get Sean Avery into the game.  I assume that all of you are doing your part on that front, but I will remind you to keep the push going even as the publicity for it spreads and it seems you do not have to as much individually.  In that same spirit I want to remind you that while it might not seem necessary because we watch Brandon Dubinsky and Dan Girardi game in and game out and the numbers each is putting up this year, take nothing for granted in terms of their candidacies for the game.  Obviously I have written about both over the last two days and you can get those articles by clicking on their names just above.  As with any write in campaign there needs to be a concerted and consistent effort in order to achieve the goal especially when you have two players who do not get the national attention as many of the other players who they are competing against.  The Rangers are a very loyal fan-base with a wide reach and now is the time to use all of the assets available to us to on behalf of the guys who contribute the most to our success.

Everyone knows this Rangers team has been built on the idea that each night a different guy might have to step up and do the job. The two guys that have done it the most consistently so far this season and numbers truly back up and All-Star candidacy are Brandon Dubinksy and Dan Girardi. It is time we as Rangers fans reward our guys by voting them into the All-Star game this year.  I created a facebook page similarly to this as both a spread the message type thing but also a reminder to Rangers fans to assume nothing and continue to vote the maximum 30 times a day for all the guys you want in the game.

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*Special shoutout to Dig Deep of Blueshirt Banter for the photo