Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Video: Tortorella Calls Out Team Following Embarassment:, plus My Take

In the past I have been one of the toughest critics of John Tortorella's post game press conferences for the bluster and BS that he would use to sugarcoat the play or his refusal to call out some players when they clearly deserved it.  Since that was the case let me be the first to pat him on the back for this one as he was absolutely right in everything he said, the only thing I wish he added was about how Staal and Girardi were awful tonight and he himself failed to make any defensive adjusments.

Let's go through what he said:

  • There is nothing to build off when you do it after being spanked
  • A few guys have been carrying the team and they are tired now
  • St. Louis is as responsible for that PP as anyone
  • The guys who haven't carried need to step up
  • Called out Gaborik for not showing up
  • No situation with Henrik and team hung him out
In speculating on who he is talking about being tired I am going to start with Anisimov who has looked sluggish in a couple of the last games, Callahan did not have his usual energy tonight to name a few.  The obvious guys who need to step up but have not consistently as our best players are Gaborik who he named, Frolov, Del Zotto offensively, Staal more consistent defensively to name a few.