Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olli Jokinen Suspended 3 Games; Will Miss New York Rangers Return

The people most disappointed in today's news that Jokinen has has been suspended for the next three games and thus will miss his triumphant return to Madison Square Garden next Monday are of course the fans.  The fans are not disappointed because they miss seeing what was at one point considered a very good player but because they will not be able to mercilessly boo the "Sex Panther" each time he touches the puck for his tenure in the Blueshirts sweater and of course his missing in the shoot-out against the Flyers in game 82 last season.  The happiest people have to be Tortorella cause it might save him a question or two about picking Jokinen over Gaborik in the shoot-out and the fans at home watching the game because they should be saved from MSG continually showing the replay of said miss in the last game of the regular season a year ago.

I for one will spend Monday thanking Jokinen and Sutter because if not for them the Rangers would have Kotalik for this year and next at 3 million dollars a season and we would not have fan favorite and phenomenal teammate Brandon Prust on this roster.