Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daily Recap: Girardi Has Become Top Defenseman; Dylan McIlrath Gets Good News in MRI; Dubinsky and Girardi All-Star Push; Time For Change In Hartford; Jokinen Suspended

This morning I continued and possibly ended my series on Rangers who were left off the NHL All-Star ballot but deserve to be in the game with a look at Dan Girardi and the transformation from goat of the Carcillo debacle who many left for gone after that to the Rangers best defenseman so far this season.  Girardi is doing his best to make Glen Sather look like a genius for locking him up for four years this summer even at what originally seemed like an excessive price point.  The 26 year old Girardi is in the top 20 in numerous categories among defense and is chipping in more than his fair share on the offensive end mainly because of improvements with his shot and shot selection.

Following that I decided that since the push for Sean Avery to be in the all-star game had become so loud and pronounced I had better make sure that the Rangers fans don’t take for granted the candidacies of Brandon Dubinsky and Dan Girardi reminding them that just because we see them and their exploits on a game by game basis doesn’t mean the rest of the league does nor does it mean they care.  Complacency in the balloting for the game this year is not an option for any Ranger that you want to see end up in Raleigh.

In the afternoon a couple of news stories broke the first being about Olli Jokinen and his suspension for three games that will force him to miss the Calgary game in the Garden on Monday night.  The fans in the arena will lose the chance to boo him, but those at home will be spared from the crew trying to sugar coat his tenure and the endless replays of his miss in the shoot-out in Game 82.

After that the news that is most important to the Rangers was the results of the long awaited MRI to top pick Dylan McIlrath showing a sprain of the MCL that will cause him to likely miss a few weeks instead of the results many, including myself, have been fearing since the injury occurred late last week.  This is obviously excellent news for all involved and we should see the Truck back on the ice in relatively short order.

Finally tonight I discussed the dysfunctional situation in Hartford/Connecticut and have come to the conclusion that there must be accountability for the awful play of the club over the last 13 games along with bringing in a coaching staff that does a better job of developing the talent they are provided.  For me the change in name and ownership provides the cover to honor what Gernander has meant to the Wolfpack while also moving in a new direction for the future of the franchise.

Tomorrow the Rangers will take on Colorado in Denver and I am sure there will be plenty to talk about.