Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Recap: Rangers Trip Up; Crosby/Dubinsky Video; Rangers for Real?; Gaborik Plays; Prospect News

Lots of controversy this evening so might as well start with that and see where we go from there.  In the actual game the Rangers lost 3-1 because they were simply outplayed, most decisively in the second period and when the Rangers had their own chances they failed to make the most of them.  The full recap of the game itself is here.

During the course of the game is where all the talk will be about tonight and the next few days as in the first period of the game Sidney Crosby clearly slew footed Ryan Callahan and not only was a penalty not called for the play on Crosby but one was instead called on Callahan.  Video of the play is here.  During the intermission in an interview with Al Trautwig on MSG, Dubinsky was shown the play and asked about it and during his comments he called it a dirty play, said that is the kind of player Crosby is and that Crosby also complains a lot.  Must see for all Rangers fans and that video is here.

That takes care of the game itself, before the game there was a question as to whether Gaborik would play tonight but he did which lead to me posting about that, the lines that were being used and how I would change those line here.

The most viewed and discussed topic of the day was my post on how real the Rangers start was or was not based on the details of the season thus far.  I looked at the things they are doing that would make them a contender and also where they are falling short to be where they want to be.  My full thoughts and lots of user thoughts on the topic can be found here.  This turned out to be one of the better interactive discussions that have been had on the site to this point, which makes me happy because discussion is the entire point of the exercise.

Finally there was some prospect news in that Ethan Werek and Christian Thomas were kept off the invite list to the Canadian World Junior Championships camp.  It is disappointing that they are not going, but not the end of the world by any means.  The story can be found here.

Also in the prospect realm I took a very brief look at the Whale game from Sunday in which the team improved to 2-0 under their new name and logo.  The game featured a shutout by Cameron Talbot, a beautiful pass by Mats Zuccarello for a goal and the kind of goal all Rangers fans want to see Evgeny Grachev scoring on a regular basis.  The story and the highlights of the game can be found here.