Monday, November 29, 2010

Crosby Slew Foots Callahan Yet Callahan Gets The Penalty W/Video

Everything up that point in the period no longer mattered because while we watch Marc Staal light up Kris Letang on the boards Sidney Crosby was busy slew footing Ryan Callahan in center and to add insult to potential injury it would Ryan Callahan who would be called for interference on the play.  I try as much as possible to not avoid complaining about the refs and even more the conspiracy bias theories, but this was absolutely absurd as it was clearly an intentional play by Crosby and to not only have to watch him get away with but be rewarded by the other team being called for a penalty was beyond words. 

While I was beyond words, one person who was not was Brandon Dubinsky during a first period intermission interview said, ““Yeah I mean that’s just a dirty play he tries to get away with all that kind of nonsense and complains a lot.”  That is why Dubinsky has become a leader on this club.  Video of the Dubinsky comments is here.