Sunday, October 31, 2010

For Anyone Still Wondering MZA Not Leaving

Sorry for being late to squash this, but being out doing election work did let me do it during the day.  Anyway, dont really know why this was taken as far as it was by some, but MZA is not going back to Sweden.  If he did go he would kiss his NHL career goodbye and I do not see him giving up on it that quick nor do I see the Rangers giving up on him that quickly.  It would be a nightmare for both sides as the Rangers once again would have signed a sought after free agent and failed to develop them into an NHL guy worth money the Rangers paid them.  On MZA's side as I said it would probably ruin his chances in the NHL at least for the foreseeable future as he would be seen as unable or unwilling to adjust to the North American game.  There is a slim possibility in my opinion of him going back after the year if a combination of his struggles and him being used inappropriately continue.  If I was him and I was the best player in the Sweedish Elite League last season and now I am playing on the fourth line under a coach who has done nothing I would be unhappy too.  He can make plenty of money in Europe if he decides North America and the NHL is not what he wants.